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Belen Consolidated Schools - Belen, New Mexico - Public School District

Phone - 505-966-1003
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Belen Consolidated Schools School District

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Belen Consolidated Schools Reviews

from: stacy l hudson | submitted: Sep 29, 2011
yes i think that you people need have forgotten that education is most important in a childs life i have to boys in school one is in the 12th and im being told that i have to pay 75 dollars for a 1/2 credit for him to graduate my other son is in the 5th grade and he has problems in learning his last to teachers agree and yet he wont be tested because he is making progress very little and his grades are being what they called adjusted so basically he is being passed along instead of adressing the real issue he has a learning dissability that the school refuses to address a child education is what leads him to what he will become as an adult and ur schools are basically throwing my boys under the bus and letting them fail is disgusting and im gonna do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to see that this changes

Belen Consolidated Schools School District Data
County of Location: Valencia
Number of Schools in This District: 12
Student/Teacher ratio: 15.4
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 4,873
Total Males: 2,483
Total Females: 2,390
American Indian Students: 71
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 27
African Americans: 91
Hispanic: 3,267
White: 1,417
Total Staff: 685
Fulltime Teachers: 316
Ungraded Teachers: 74
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 4
Kindergarten Teachers: 21
Elementary Teachers: 165
Secondary Teachers: 54
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 7
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 6
Total Guidance Counselors: 13
LEA Administrators: 6
School Administrators: 14
LEA Admin Support Staff: 36
School Admin Support Staff: 15
Student Support Services Staff: 14
Other Support Staff: 188
Library Media Support Staff: 1
Librarians Media Specialists: 1
Instructional Aides - Total: 80
Instructional Coordinators: 3